Blue Mountain Wedding PhotoBeing a bride-to-be is undoubtedly stressful. Having to choose the dress, which dress would suit the best, the location, the food, and the list could go on! Of all the potential struggles one could go through, it would have to be the dreaded feeling of having your photo taken.

Just the mere thought of having a professional take photos, candid or not, can make one feel conscious. Would the photographer take your good side? Would they snap angles that would make you uncomfortable? Or would they just stick to their strict schedule and forgo your desired poses? Worry not, that is simply overthinking! It’s something all brides undergo days and even months before the wedding. We do want to have that perfect fairytale wedding, no?

So what should one do now? As Simona Janek believes, the photographer should ensure that the bride that they can help pose and guide them. Thus, giving a fun experience to both client and prospect. Taking bridal pictures should be just as memorable as the event itself. Because of that, we came up with a list on how to pose and move for the camera!Makeup Artisit / Photographer Simona Janek is wedding industry expert

Loosen Up

There is no denying that people get conscious when having their photo taken. When we know our photoshoot is coming up, it’s undeniable we stare into the mirror and imagine what poses and facial expressions we’d give.

Yet, when the time comes where the lens is finally facing you, everything you practiced seems forgotten. In addition, your body and movements become stiff and your confidence goes down the drain.

Instead, simply give your body a little shake and let out a long breath. Sway your hips, flip your hair, shimmy your shoulders, do whatever you want and the photographer will surely adjust! Picture them as your mirror and things would just slowly fall into place.


Candid is the Way to Go

It is a different story when one practices in front of a mirror and finally facing the camera. No matter what pose we do, it would always come off as stiff or forced. All those equals to a stressed bride and pictures you might not want to look at when things wrap up.

Instead, ask the photographer if it would be alright to focus on more candid shots. It would be quite awkward at first; Combing your hair, fixing your dress, strapping on your heels all while a photographer is snapping his camera away. Of course, it’s not just the client’s job to do all the work. Trust the photographer to make things easier.

Every now and then, they would cheer and praise on how good you’re posing as well! At Pepper Image,  you will most certainly be pleased with how skillful and supportive their photographers are. Each photo they managed to capture the essence of the moment and clients couldn’t have been any happier!


Feel the Moment

Being busy with everything that’s going on, we sometimes forget the main reason why we want to have these photos in the first place. Being so caught up in wanting the exact pictures we see on Pinterest can cloud one’s focus.

Never forget to just have fun and enjoy what it is you’re doing. If you feel stiff, just laugh the awkwardness away and the photographer would still be able to capture that as a memory. Nothing has to be completely perfect when taking photos. As clients, our job is to be as respectfully carefree while the professionals snap away!

Smile and pose! That should be our motto!


Bring a Friend

One small detail that can help tremendously during photoshoots is to bring your close friend. They don’t have to join the picture but having them cheer and hype each pose you do can be a very big mood booster.

Bringing a friend can boost not just your mood but the whole room! Whether your friend is the introvert or extrovert type, it doesn’t matter! Having someone you can ground yourself on can make a huge difference. A small thumbs up from them would surely radiate from the smiles you’ve given to the camera.


So now that you have an idea, the weight on your shoulders must’ve been lifted. While attending and posing for the camera is no easy feat, just always remember that all this will be worth it in the end! You and your partner will no doubt enjoy the official photographs sent after the big day!