If you are interested in capturing some precious memories of your new baby, follow along as Brisbane Maternity and Newborn Photographer Renee Joanne would love to offer some simple photography tips for new mums!Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most challenging yet fulfilling moments of your life. Your new role as a mother might mean making some adjustments that at times make you feel like Superwoman. I bet that with just one cute noise or one tiny look on your newborns face makes all the tiredness and pressure instantly disappear. You might want to gaze at your baby forever, and it seems like you will never get enough, right?

The first few months of life are so precious and they include a lot of firsts, like the first smile, the first laugh, or those amazing first words. Each moment becomes a fleeting memory and as much as you would like your bundle of joy to stay little forever, they grow up all too quickly. Hence why it’s so important to treasure your child’s significant milestones and document them.

Organising a newborn photo shoot with a professional family photographer is an excellent idea and investment for sharing some of those very first moments. A newborn family photographer will capture professional, artistic photos of your baby that you can share with your family and friends, and blow up extra large to hang on your walls.It’s a shame that a professional photographer can’t follow you around for the first 12 months capturing all the important moments! So I wanted to let you in on a few photography tips that will help you capture those important, fleeting moments yourself!Keep your camera charged and ready
If it’s one thing I know, moments can pass you by as quickly as they came. So making sure you have your camera charged and close by is one of the most important tips I can give you!

Photograph at Your Own Pace
One of the benefits of taking photographs of your own child is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. In contrast to having a professional photographer, you can take photos of your baby at any time that suits. However, because your baby is growing day by day, you might feel pressure thinking that you so have little time, despite being present every step of the way. So this is a reminder to take it easy, make sure you are recovering and are resting. Book a professional newborn shoot when your baby is born and then you have all the time in the world to capture more photos at home and live in the moment!Experiment with Various Perspectives
Most people raise the camera to their eye level as they take a photograph. However, this isn’t always the best angle. Avoid shooting from your height, get down closer to their eye level and shoot from there. Try not to shoot on unflattering angles though, like from under the nose. You can also try a bird’s-eye view by standing on an elevated surface and shooting downwards, straight over them. Shooting from different angles may surprise you so experiment with your camera and find what works for you. You may end up taking some truly powerful images you never knew were possible!

It’s All About The Light
Photography is all about light. Without it, you cannot take a photo, so light really does make or break a picture. Natural light provides an airy, dramatic, and natural effect on photographs that are almost impossible to achieve when using artificial light. Try to avoid tungsten lighting from overhead lights in your home as they are not as flattering and most of the time give off a yellow tinge. Maximizing the sunlight is free and does not necessarily mean you have to step outside. Setting up next to a window is a great option and if you have a light, sheer curtain, this really helps to soften and diffuse the sunlight streaming in through the window. Choosing the right time of day for your home helps also. I find that mornings are great for shooting indoors.

Set Up for Continuous Shooting
When your little one starts getting more active, I find that shooting on continuous mode or “burst” on an iphone helps to capture all those sequences you may miss if shooting for a single shot. Keep your camera snapping by setting it up in continuous shooting mode so you will not miss a single step. You can always choose the best shot to keep later.

Capture All The Details
If you want to remember all those cute tiny details of your newborn, get in close and get detail shots as much as possible. All those sweet little features are what makes them unique and these are the things you will want to document! Your baby will grow so quickly, so focus some of your shots on their face as well as their ears, hair, fingers, belly button, and toes. Plus, if your baby is having a particularly moody moment, capture their smile when happy or the creases between their eyebrows when grumpy. Perhaps they blow little bubbles from time to time or grimace when they are hungry. These shots may serve as “before” photographs if you want to create “after” versions, when they are grown up!

Get In On The Action!
And lastly, don’t forget to get in the photos with your baby! Ensure you document all those moments with yourself and your partner too. Getting in the pictures will make sure you have priceless memories to show them when they are older. Showcase your creativity and take photos comparing the size of their feet with yours, or their tiny hand gripping tightly on your finger. Remember, every moment is precious!

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